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Life skills written in Braille

Learning Through Play: Emotional skills

Understand, manage and express emotions by building self-awareness and handling impulses. Staying motivated and confident in the face of difficulties.

LEGO Braille Bricks activities’ aim is to work simultaneously on skills commonly worked at school (academic skills) or specific to visually impaired children (VI skills). Both are essential to deeply understand concepts and develop a breadth of skills.

Academic skills

  • Develop motivation to read for pleasure
    • Be encouraged to link what is read to own experience
  • Develop vocabulary and understanding in reading
    • Discuss word meanings, link new meanings to those already known
    • Recognize and join together with predictable phrases, discuss favorite words and phrases
  • Identify emotions and feelings
  • Express emotions and feelings in a socially acceptable way
  • Recognize self-value
  • Listen and empathize
  • Share rules, roles and responsibilities
  • Control motor skills and emotional commitment to succeed in simple actions
  • Know the purpose of the activity
  • Implement an artistic project
  • Develop an interest in art, works of art

Visual impairment skills

  • Understand rules
  • Express many feelings and emotions in a manner appropriate to cause, setting, and severity of situation
  • Identify consequences of behaviors in social interactions
  • Solicit information/assistance from appropriate persons in various settings
  • Comply with simple directions and limits from adults
  • Indicate awareness of own visual abilities and limitations
  • Discuss personal likes and dislikes
  • Follow courteous behavior
    • Respond to someone who is initiating a conversation
    • Use conventional courtesy
    • Apologize to others when appropriate
    • Introduce self to others and/or people to each other
    • Interrupt a speaker in a socially acceptable manner when necessary
    • Give compliments to others
    • Identify socially acceptable and unacceptable behavior

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Learning Through Play: Creative skills

Coming up with ideas, expressing them and transforming them into reality by creating associations, symbolizing and representing ideas and providing meaningful experiences for others.

Learning Through Play: Physical skills

Being physically active, understanding movement and space through practicing sensory-motor skills. Spatial understanding and nurturing an active and healthy body.

Learning Through Play: Social skills

Collaborate, communicate and understand other people’s perspectives through sharing ideas, negotiating rules and building empathy.

Learning Through Play: Cognitive skills

Concentration, problem solving and flexible thinking by learning to tackle complex tasks and building effective strategies to identify solutions.