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Have fun written in Braille

Vowel and Consonant Towers

10 min2 participants

Classify letters by category: vowel or consonant. Plan actions to complete directions and build letter towers.

Let's play!

  1. Pick a brick.

  2. Read the letter.

  3. Identify if it is a vowel or a consonant.

  4. Build 2 towers: one composed of consonants, the other of vowels.

How to prepare

  • 1 base plate

  • 6 bricks with vowels and 6 with consonants 

  • 1 bowl

The 12 bricks are mixed in the bowl.

Facilitation tips

  • Ask “How many do you think you got right?”.

Possible variations

  • Align the bricks horizontally on the base plate (no bowl is needed).

  • Choose different numbers of vowels and consonants.

  • Use a timer.

  • Increase the total number of bricks.

  • Collaborate with peers to build the tallest tower using all bricks, just consonants, or vowels.

Download & print

  • Download in .docx
  • Share via email

Children will develop these holistic skills

cognitive skills

  • Recognize words more and more easily: Respond speedily with the correct sound to graphemes (letters or groups of letters)

physical skills

  • Track each letter, chain several letters together, produce a series of identical letters

creative skills

  • Engage in solitary play activities for an ability appropriate amount of time

social skills

  • Follow rules in games led by adult, take turns

Did you know?

  • Academic outcomes, including literacy and numeracy, ultimately rely on many other skills across domains of children’s development.

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