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Have fun written in Braille

Playdough Shapes

15 min1 participant

Recognize shapes, develop motor skills and bilateral hand-use. Create a Playdough triangle and decorate it with bricks.

Let's play!

  1. Roll the playdough into a rope.

  2. Fold the rope to make a triangle.

  3. Align bricks on top of the playdough triangle.

How to prepare

  • Random braille bricks

  • Playdough

Give playdough and bricks to the child.

Facilitation tips

  • Ask “What else looks like a triangle?”.

  • Ask “What other shapes can you make?”.

Possible variations

  • Change shape: circle, rectangle, hexagon… 

  • Make solid shapes, not just the contour and cover it with bricks.

Download & print

  • Download in .docx
  • Share via email

Children will develop these holistic skills

cognitive skills

  • Recognize, classify and sort shapes in 2 dimensions

creative skills

  • Spontaneously engage in free and then guided exploration of different tools and different media

physical skills

  • Develop bilateral hand use

emotional skills

  • Control motor skills and emotional commitment to succeed in simple actions

social skills

  • Plan and carry out routine or non-routine activities requiring multiple steps

Did you know?

  • Playdough allows the creation of more shapes with diagonal and curves.

  • Playful experiences offer a safe space for children to try out and take risks, where they feel a sense of agency and direct their own activities.

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