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Have fun written in Braille


20 min2 participants

Identification relative to the value of a number brick. Compare bricks to determine numerical value and rank.

Let's play!

Both players

  1. Build a tower with your bricks on the base plate.

  2. Remove your top brick and place it on the base plate.

  3. Read and compare your numbers.

  4. Take both bricks if your number is the highest and build your tower higher by adding them underneath.

  5. If your 2 bricks are identical, take the next brick from your tower and compare again.

  6. Take all 4 bricks if you win.

  7. Repeat activity until one player has all the bricks.

How to prepare

  • 1 base plate

  • 12 number bricks

  • 1 number sign brick

Place the number sign brick in the top left corner of the base plate.

Give each player 6 randomly selected bricks.

Facilitation tips

  • Explain that we are not going to put the number sign in front of each brick. The number sign in the top left corner of the base plate indicates that all the bricks are numbers 

  • Ask “How do you know a number is higher than another one?”

Possible variations

  • Change the rules: lowest number wins, even number wins…

  • Use this activity to learn multiplication tables: the 2 bricks have to be multiplied. The quickest to give the correct answer wins.

Download & print

  • Download in .docx

Children will develop these holistic skills

cognitive skills

  • Construct the number to express quantities: Identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations including number line, and use language such as equal to, more than, less than (fewer), most, least…

social skills

  • Cooperate and share: Work together to facilitate individual learning

creative skills

  • Identify various leisure activities to be done alone or with other people

emotional skills

  • Follow courteous behavior: Use conventional courtesy
  • Follow courteous behavior: Identify socially acceptable and unacceptable behavior

Did you know?

  • Activities are socially interactive, when they involve learners working together in groups, using strategies that have been designed to maximize the benefit of cooperative learning. These opportunities can dissolve barriers between individuals and group and foster learner’s interpersonal, communication and social skills.

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