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Have fun written in Braille


30 min3 participants

Identify braille numbers, improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills in a social game setting.

Let's play!

  1. Bingo Caller : Pick 2 bricks from the bowl.

  2. Bingo Caller : Read the 2 numbers aloud.

  3. Other players : Add the numbers together.

  4. Other players : Check your bingo card for the sum of the two numbers.

  5. Other players : Shout "Bingo !" if you have the number.

  6. The first player who finds all 3 numbers wins!

How to prepare

  • 2 base plates

  • 2 number sign bricks

  • All number bricks

  • 1 bowl

Place the number sign brick on the top left corner of each base plate to indicate the bricks represent numbers.

Create a bingo card with a base plate for each player: write 3 numbers (from 1 to 18) on each one, ensuring there are no duplicate numbers.

Place the remaining bricks in the bowl.

Designate a player to be the “bingo caller”.

Facilitation tips

  • The “bingo caller” has an important role: reminders to speak loudly and clearly so that all players can hear the correct numbers.

  • Give everyone a chance to be the ”bingo caller”.

Possible variations

  • Change the numbers of bricks picked from the bowl.

  • Change the numbers of bricks on the base plate.

  • Vary the type of math operation.

  • Omit the math operation to search for single numbers.

Download & print

  • Download in .docx

Children will develop these holistic skills

cognitive skills

  • Tell, express, analyse: Explain process of doing, playing
  • Identify the braille characters: numerals 0-9

social skills

  • Distinguish between personal and collective interests
  • Utilize a wide variety of nonverbal behaviors to improve communication

emotional skills

  • Follow courteous behavior: Identify socially acceptable and unacceptable behavior

Did you know?

  • Well-planned and intentional instruction with use of effective techniques can lead to improved academic outcomes and socio-emotional skills.

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